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Fiji offers numerous investment opportunities in a wide range of sectors: tourism, manufacturing, garments/textile, fisheries, forestry, agro-processing, flori-culture, mining and services including information technology. The Fiji Government’s policy supports private sector led growth and have put in place attractive incentives to encourage and facilitate private sector investment in Fiji.

Investment Fiji is the trade and investment promotion arm of the Fiji government and is responsible for stimulating, promoting and facilitating investment and trade in Fiji. For detailed information on investment opportunities, incentives, business registration and licenses, work permits, taxation, foreign exchange control, cost structure, etc, please Investment Fiji website

Great Reasons to Invest in Fiji

  1. Fiji is the centre of trading in the South Pacific for the South Pacific – Asia, USA and Europe Region. Fiji is not only the centre of trade, but has also transformed into a hub for global communications and transportation (shipping and air travel) routes.
  2. A package of trade and investment incentives including duty concessions, investment allowances, tax exemption and tax free regions.
  3. Corporate Tax Rate is 20%
  4. A foreign company that establishes/relocates its Headquarters to Fiji will be subject to a low corporate tax rate of 17%. 
  5. A listed company on the South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE) will be subject to a low corporate tax rate of 10% provided the company has 40 percent local shareholding structure. Income earned from trading of shares in SPSE will be exempted from Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax.
  6. A government that welcomes and supports local and foreign investment, within its overall objectives of growing the various sectors of Fiji’s economy; enticing new, and retaining existing, investors by providing them with tax and other incentives to boost their businesses.
  7. State of the art telecommunication infrastructure that provides links through fibre optic cable connections and satellites to the rest of the world
  8. A well-developed infrastructure, including electricity, water supply, international airports and wharfs.
  9. Availability of factories land and buildings at reasonable rates.
  10. Well-developed banking and financial institutions providing full financial services.
  11. Fast registration of foreign investment projects.
  12. Well educated workforce with a literacy rate of 93.7%.
  13. Good health and medical facilities including a modern private hospital and medical centres.
  14. Fiji is signatory to various trade agreements, frameworks and memorandum of agreements. This allows for better market access and provides a conducive investment climate and opportunities with other countries.




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