A visit to Fiji would not be complete without a visit to the spectacular coral reefs. Fiji is the site of some of the most remarkable and least exploited coral reefs in the world, listed by diving authorities as one of the world top five venues.

Fiji really is the tropical paradise of your dreams. From its seemingly endless white sandy beaches lined with coconut palms swaying in the warm waters of the Pacific. Islands fringed with coral reefs that teem with an abundance of sea creatures of every imaginable size, shape, and hue. The promise of a tropical paradise comes true, but that’s not all there is to Fiji. The three hundred or so islands that make up the Fiji group contain a surprising variety of sights, often of great interest and astounding natural beauty.

Fiji’s larger Islands contain superb scenery, steep sided volcanic mountains covered in lush tropical rainforests. Jungles full of secret places where fast flowing streams cascade into cool clear rock pools. The jungle is full of the sounds of tropical birds, and yet there are few poisonous spiders or snakes waiting to pounce on the unwary traveler. Fiji’s forests are relatively safe and the isolation of these islands has kept them free of wild beasts, the most common being the noisy but harmless flying fox

Fiji has hundreds of smaller coral islands, havens for birds, turtles and coconut trees, and of course with their white sandy beaches, havens too for those seeking the sun. Fiji’s outer island resorts offer the true image of an island paradise some of the islands have been called a ‘millionaires paradise’ but you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy the island life.