Visa-exempt countries 

Nationals of the following countries are NOT required to obtain visa before entering Fiji as visitors however, they need to ensure that the following conditions are met:

  1. A passport that is valid for at least 6 months from date of entry into Fiji.
  2. Return or Outbound tickets;
  3. Confirmation of accommodation for duration of your visit
  4. Copy of  latest bank statement
  5. Re-entry/entry visa to a country other than their own (for example: permanent residents of Australia must produce a valid re-entry visa for Australia). Please click here to view the list.

Nationals of the above visa-exempt countries are granted a visitor permit valid for up to (4) months on arrival. Extensions to the permit may be granted on application/payment of fees for a maximum of two (2) more months, provided applications are made before the expiry of the initial permit.

Nationals NOT from the visa exempted countries listed above MUST apply for a visitor's visa before entering Fiji 

Non-Exempt Countries

All visitors from non-exempted visa countries require a visa to enter Fiji. All visa applications are considered on an individual basis and may be granted for holiday, business, joining a vessel as a crew or passenger purposes and representatives of foreign governments.

Important Reminder

Neither possession of a visa or meeting the basic requirements from exempt visa countries guarantees admission into Fiji. Immigration officials make the final determination upon entry into Fiji. 

Visa Types

1. Transit Visa

If transit period is 3 hours or less, no visa is required however if transit period is longer than 3 hours then normal visa requirements will apply.

2. Single Entry Visa (SEV)

This visa is valid for a single journey to Fiji only for the period of 3 months from the date of issue and the visit not to exceed 4 months stay.

3. Multiple Entry Visa (MEV)

This visa is valid for multiple journeys to Fiji for the period of 12 months from the date of issue and visit not to exceed 4 months on each visit.

4. Visa for Purposes Other than a Holiday

Other purposes can mean, work, internship, study, research, investment, yachting or residential purposes.

Applicants will apply for entry visa as per normal requirements however, upon entry into Fiji, will need to apply for the applicable visa within 14 days from their entry date. Further information can be obtained from the Fiji Immigration website. Their contact number is (679) 3312 622.

Waivers for Passports outside the Passport Validity Period

The expiry date of your passport can affect your entry into Fiji. All persons intending to travel into Fiji are required to have at least a 6 month validity from the date of entry into Fiji. You will be refused entry into Fiji upon checking in, at your airline counter, on your intended date of travel.

You can apply for a validity waiver before travelling however applications will only be considered if the applicant can clearly demonstrate the exceptional circumstances surrounding the inability of having their passports renewed prior to travel. It is important to note that the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) can process passports within a 24 hour period, however it is always best to check with them directly for current information.

Approvals cannot be guaranteed and all applications are considered on an individual basis.

The standard fee is AUS$100.00 for a 5 working day turnaround time.  Applications for travel within 48hours will attract a fee of AUD$136.00.   The fee is non-refundable and subject to change. 

*IMPORTANT: Please check the “Schedule of Fees” for all current fee information.

The Process

The applicant must complete and provide the following:

  • Waiver Request Form
  • Copy of Passport bio data page
  • Confirmation of Paid Travel Itinerary
  • Confirmation of Paid Accommodation or Sponsor Letter from Fiji sponsor
  • Applicants under 18 years of age need to include passport bio data page of parents’ passports
  • Waiver fee  in the form of Money order or bank cheque payable to “Fiji Consulate General” for NSW applicants or “Fiji High Commission” for applicants outside NSW 

Please forward your application including the necessary documentation and fee to the relevant office noted below:

NSW Applications: Fiji Consulate General, Suite 13-14, L11, 100 Walker St, North Sydney, NSW 2060 Ph: (02) 9900 0700

Applications outside NSW: Fiji High Commission, 19 Beale Crescent, Deakin, ACT 2600 Ph: (02) 6260 5115

Visa Application Requirements for Non-Exempt Countries

  1. Correct and Fully completed official Fiji Visa Application Form [The applicant must clearly state the reason for visiting and duration of time spends]
  2. Two [2] recent coloured passport size photographs [one (1) photo to be certified]
  3. Original or certified copy of valid passport bio-data page
  4. Consent letter from spouse [if married and travelling alone]
  5. Consent from parents [for 18 years and under] and travelling alone
  6. Leave letter [if employed]
  7. Proof of funds to sustain duration of stay. E.g. Bank statements and or for visa cards – recent bank statements for past 3 months.
  8. Confirmation of pre-booked hotel accommodation
  9. A copy of the travel itinerary/ticket
  10. Sponsor letter [ if a Fiji citizen or local company/organization is sponsoring to indicate the undertaking of the person for the duration of his period]
  11. Proof of approved visa and onward ticket [if applicant is travelling to the next country of destination after Fiji]
  12. Non-refundable Visa Application Fees : (*Please check Fee Schedule for current visa application fees)

Processing Time

It takes 20 working days to process visa applications from the date of receipt by the Visa Officer. The delay in processing may occur when the applications submitted are incomplete or require further clarification, additional documentation or verification of documents.

Notification of Visa Approval or Refusal

The Visa’s are endorsed on the passport upon approval noting visa type and validity period of visa.

Unsuccessful applications will be notified of refusal grounds.


Children/persons under the age of 18 who are travelling without their parents/legal guardian, please submit copies of the following documents, which have been certified by a Justice of the Peace:

  • A Parental Consent Form duly completed by parents/legal guardian and
  • The child’s Birth Certificate (certified copy acceptable)

If travelling with your family it is advisable that you carry with you certified copies of your marriage certificate and birth certificate of children (below the age of 18) travelling with you

Failure to comply with all requirements may result in the refusal or return of your applications.

You can go and download the forms you required here: ==> Downloadable Forms 

You can go to Schedule of Fees here: ==> Schedule of Fees