The following information is for those people wishing to travel to Fiji with drugs/medicine as per the advice of the Inspectorate & Regulatory Affairs – Fiji Pharmaceutical Services Centre.

When planning to travel to Fiji with medicine it is important that you: 

  • Talk to your doctor and discuss the medicine you will need to take;
  • Seek confirmation with your doctor whether any of the medication you are prescribed are categorized as CONTROLLED DRUGS/SUBSTANCES e.g. pethidine, codeine, morphine etc; (refer below if you are taking controlled drugs)
  • Carry a letter from your doctor detailing what the medicine is, how much you will be taking, and stating that it is for your own personal use;
  • Leave the medicine in its original packaging so it is clearly labelled with your name and dosage instructions.

If you intend to travel with large quantities of medicine, including over-the-counter or private prescription medications, you should ask your doctor, dentist or pharmacist to provide you with a letter explaining why you need to carry such quantities.


In order to take CONTROLLED DRUGS into Fiji, additional requirements need to be met.

The traveller must obtain the following documents to obtain approval from the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Fiji in order to clear it through local customs:

  • Letter from your doctor detailing what the medicine is, how much you will be taking, and stating that it is for your own personal use;
  • Permit to clear the medication through Australian customs; your doctor should be able to facilitate the acquisition of these permits from the Department of Health & Ageing

The Fiji High Commission will forward the above documents to the MoH and return a copy of the approval from MoH to the traveller to facilitate their movements through Fiji Customs.

General Comments:

  • Medicines that you bring into Fiji are for personal use only and may only be used by you or a member of your immediate family.
  • You must NOT sell or give a medicine to any person outside your immediate family.
  • You must not bring more than a 3-month supply at the maximum dose recommended by the manufacturer; and you must be able to produce the prescription or letter (in English) from a Doctor on request from an authorized person.

Upon arriving into Fiji, you must: 

  • Declare all the medicines you are bringing into Fiji.
  • If required, await inspection by the Quarantine or Customs Department.
  • Produce documentation justifying your use of the medicine. (A letter from your doctor specifying your medical condition and all the medications including the quantity required should be sufficient).
  • For a medicine containing any other substance subject to import controls show your written authorisation, in English, from a medical practitioner for this medicine and approval from MoH;
  • Retain the documents relating to your medicines throughout your visit and have them available to present again at departure on request by Customs or Quarantine officers.

When leaving Fiji, you must ensure:

  • Any remaining quantities of medicine brought in by you should be taken out of Fiji on departure.
  • Your medicine is in the original packaging and with any dispensing labels intact.
  • Documents relating to the importation of a medicine must be available for inspection on departure.