The Passport Division is responsible for the determination and issuance of Fiji passports to Fiji Citizens under the ambits of the Fiji Passport Act 2002. Fiji Passports are issued to those who would have acquired Fiji citizenship through birth, registration and naturalization. (

Fiji nationals can apply under the following categories:

Renewal of a Fiji passport

This is usually applied for when an existing passport is due to or reached its expiry date.

Replacement of a lost/stolen passport

This is usually applied for in the event an existing passport has been lost or stolen.  A police event report and a statutory declaration signed and stamped by a Justice of Peace (JP) is to accompany the application.

Replacement of a damaged passport

This is usually applied for in the event that a passport has been damaged/ mutilated.  A statutory declaration signed and stamped by a Justice of Peace (JP) is to accompany the application.

Certificate of ID (CI) (one way travel into Fiji only)

In the event of urgent travel and a Fiji national does not hold a current passport, a travel document may be issued provided all requirements are met.

To apply for any of the abovementioned document, the same passport application form applies. HOWEVER supporting documentation will vary depending on the category it falls under.

Please refer to the applicable checklist to ensure that you have completed the form correctly and supplied the required documentation.

Important Photo Requirements for Passport and Certificate of Identity 


Download Passport and Certificate of Identity Photograph requirements (PDF)

Applicants for Fiji Passports and Certificates of Identity are advised to note the strict requirements of the Fiji Department of Immigration for photographs.

Photographs must meet the following criteria (please download sample photographs):

  • Neck and shoulders must be visible
  • Photograph must be clear and without additional marks
  • Spectacles and sunglasses must not be worn
  • Hats and other head-gear must not be worn
  • Head coverings are permitted for religious purposes only, with ears and forehead clearly visible
  • Infants & Children must be photographed alone and without an object close to the face
  • Photograph must have a plain, light coloured background with face centralised
  • Photographs must not be over or under exposed and without red eyes and flash reflection
  • Photographs must not have a shadow in background or on face
  • Straight pose with eyes focussed directly at camera
  • Ears and forehead must be clearly visible
  • No bare shoulders, thin strapped garments are acceptable.
  • Applications for Passports and Certificates of Identity must submit passport photos which comply with the above strict requirements.
  • Applications with Non-compliant photographs will not be processed.


The Fee Schedule under “Schedule of Fees” will note the applicable application fee (s).  Please note all fees are non-refundable and are subject to change.

* Applications received for a CI for travel within 48 hourswill incur a higher fee .  Please refer to the “Schedule of Fees” for current fees.

Turnaround Time:

Applications for passports are sent to Fiji at the end of each week and are completed and returned within 4 to 6 weeks.    Please note we will not be held responsible for any delays by the Department of Immigration in Fiji or any issues with postal and courier services.

We will contact you once the passport has arrived for collection.

As a rule we do not send passports in the mail.  Should you favour this option, please include a letter of authorisation and a self-addressed reply paid registered envelope.

Mailing Applications: All other states/territories are to direct their applications to the Fiji High Commission in Canberra at 19 Beale Crescent, Deakin 2600 ACT.  All applications within NSW are handled by our Sydney office at Suite 1, Level 8, 227 Elizabeth St., Sydney NSW 2000.

Important Reminder

It is imperative that 1 copy of all documentation including the application form are submitted together with a copy of your checklist

Failure to comply with all requirements may result in the refusal or return of your applications.

You can go and download the forms you required here: ==> Downloadable Forms 

You can go to Schedule of Fees here: ==> Schedule of Fees